Cafes & Restaurants

We have great coffee houses and restaurants close by ... so if you need to show your customer arround, then you have all opportunities.


Caffeteria by Luis


City Beach

GH Pöstl

Brot & Spiele

Bars & Nightlife

Graz has about 45.000 studends and therefore the nighlife is quite vibrant.





Museums, Opera & Theaters

There are plenty of museums and theaters for every taste in Graz and therefore we name here only our favorits and the total list of museums and galleries with all information can be found here.

The link for the Opera House and theaters are collectively listed here.



In the center of Graz your car can be halted on the street for 10min. for free and parked for 3h at a charge of 0,90€/30min. Ticket machines are always close by. There are controls - so don't park without paying!

Graz has a fairly good public transport and so you can leave your car on a Park & Ride parking lot or put it into a garage - further information can be found here.


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