MINED from Pixelline is a trademark for upcycled wallets, bags and cases made from unneeded and leftover jeans fabrics.

AR4 is dedicated towards Augmented Reality and provides already products for camera calibration and image recognition.

Wolfgang Bergthaler is an Entrepreneur and India-Consultant. He owns several projects and is frequently supporting companies approaching the Indian market.

Xeet develops a solution for all those trying desparately to get events and meetings organized throughout multiple communication channels.

Malooku develops location based app-solutions to support local promotion and information distribution within a community.

Dr. Wamser & Batra are your partners for India. If you want to be successfull in India - WB has the needed specialists with practical experience.

Bitcoin Austria is the national foundation answering questions about cryptocurrency and promoting the adoption of it.

Das Geheimnis der Grünjuwelen teaches kids in a fun way how they can get good nutrition and what is good for their health ... get a copy yourself!

BlockchainHub Graz follows the vision to spread the idea of decentralised technologies like blockchain and other technologies that build on top and around the blockchain.