We believe that coworking is the new way of working together to create novel things. It is also part of the global trend towards a sharing economy - why own something if you can just pay for the use of it. You don't need to worry about all the pitfalls of conventional office space renting and owning your furniture - in a coworking space you can be sure that you are surrounded by likewise thinking people helping each other.

We especially focus on digital enabled technologies and look for professionals able to support our incubator program. Besides that there is still room for other professions looking for office space and no in-house business needs.



flex coffee table

96 €/month

If you need the facilities of an office and the flair from the coffee house ... this is it, without the high expenses for your coffee.

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flex office table

196 €/month

You need a typical office table and every now and then the conference room ... this is your best choice, as long as you clean the table after you.

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fix office table

296 €/month

You need a typical office table, the conference room and want to leave your stuff when you go ... choose this option as your prefered one.

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We think you shoud be able to come and go whenever you like - therefore 24/7 access is always included.

Coworking is currently financially supported by Graz for up to 12 months with 50% or max. 125€/month.
Further information can be found here


Membership & Event Pricing


196 €/year

+ get free entrace to events
+ we tell our followers about you
+ get 50% discount for the meeting room
+ get 25% discount for an evening event
+ flex coffee table 12x / year

Evening Event

346 €

+ organize your up to 3h event
+ up to 40 people in our coffee area
+ possible every evening and on weekends
+ we support you to organize catering
+ included: WLAN, 60" TV-Screen, coffee

Meeting Room

16 €/hour

+ foldable table for 8 people - max. 10 people
+ 60" TV-Screen
+ 20m² whiteboard wall
+ flipchart and paper
+ included: WLAN, coffee



Additional Packages

Your address

46 €/month

- establish your homebase
- meet your customer at the bar
  or in secluded area
- meeting room up to 4h/month
- get your snail mail delivered


76 €/month

- park garage below the house
- comfortable if you need a car
- cheaper than other garages
- long term parking possible


More copies

26 €/package

- get 100 color copies / prints
- or 1000 B/W copies / prints
- professional Xerox machine



6 €/box/month

- store your stuff in the
- use standard 56x33x41cm
- boxes will be privided